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Q. Where does Elu produce?

A. We currently produce using local apparel makers in Chicago, IL.

Q. How long is the pre-order period? When will my pre-order be delivered?

A. Pre-orders will be received between June 30, 2016 - September 9, 2016. Orders will be delivered between September 26, 2016 - October 7, 2016.

Q. What is the delivery timing for orders placed after the pre-order period?

A. Orders received after our pre-order period will be created and delivered within 3-4 weeks.

Q. How come some of the Elu website functionalities do not work?

A. At this time, we do not recommend using Internet Explorer as the internet browser. We've found that it has inconsistencies with running HTML5 and certain JavaScript behaviors used by the Elu website.